Michael Futter

Business analyst, author, and founder of F-Squared LLC video game industry consultancy. Podcast host, video game producer, and former journalist with a passion for helping developers make amazing video games.

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Image of Michael Futter

About Michael (Mike) Futter - He/Him

Mike has spent more than a decade in the video game industry as a business analyst, critic, and journalist.In November 2022, Mike and his partner, Amanda Farough, joined Thunderful Games' Robot Teddy consultancy as Co-Directors of Strategic Partnerships. There, he and Manda work with independent developers in a variety of roles from strategic advisors to external producers to first-party relationship managers. In addition to providing traditional consulting, Robot Teddy has three funds (prototype, VR, and finishing) managed by the Strategic Partnerships pillar.Joining Robot Teddy meant putting F-Squared (the consultancy founded by Mike and Manda in 2020) into hibernation. At F-Squared, Mike worked with dozens of independent developers and AAA publishers to help get their games ready for release through all phases of the development process, including market research, pitch review, go/no-go feedback, pre-alpha project review, trade show and media prep, and mock previews and reviews.Prior to co-founding F-Squared, Mike was news editor at Game Informer and a freelance writer for Polygon, Variety, GameDaily, and GamesBeat. He is also the author of The GameDev Business Handbook and The GameDev Budgeting Handbook, designed to help demystify foundational business concepts for those starting their own studios.

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My Work

My career began in nonprofit arts adminstration, where I spent a decade raising funds for mid-sized and large cultural organizations. In 2010, I took the plunge into the video game industry. I began writing about games as a hobby, but quickly discovered a passion for the business side of gaming.Journalism
In 2013, I joined Game Informer as the news editor, where I made it my mission to give video game fans the tools to engage in conversations about complex business topics.
After leaving Game Informer in 2016, I used my experience writing detailed, approachable explainers and easy to follow financial coverage to write two books about the business of independent game development. The GameDev Business Handbook and The GameDev Budgeting Handbook are available for purchase via Gumroad and Amazon.After the books were completed, I returned to freelance writing for Polygon, Variety, GamesBeat, GameDaily, and other sites before beginning consulting work.Consulting
In 2020, at the start of the pandemic, my partner, Amanda Farough, and I founded F-Squared, a video game industry consultancy. Since then, we have worked with dozens of independent developers and AAA publishers. Giving back is a pillar of our business, and we are always delighted to offer pro bono work for pre-funding studios.
In November 2022, Manda and I accepted full-time positions as Co-Directors of Strategic Partnerships at Thunderful Games' Robot Teddy consultancy. There, we are continuing our heart work of helping independent developers find success.Podcasting
Part of that work is our podcast, Virtual Economy (a podcast about the business of games... for the rest of us). Each week, we digest the biggest news stories and explain the business relevance through incisive analysis.

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I'm also on Hive Social as @Futterish

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Have a question about my work? Interested in having me speak at your event? Want to share your project and get some feedback? Fill out the form below!For official Robot Teddy inquiries, please email me directly at mike@robotteddy.org.